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Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA)
Triskett Bus Garage Reconstruction

PCS uvp photoProject and Construction Services, Inc. was retained by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority as a Construction Support Services Consultant to coordinate and manage this facility during construction. This project consisted of replacing an outdated 160,000 sf garage with a new 225,000 sf garage. A state-of-the-art gas detection system is utilized throughout the garage to measure harmful nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide levels.

The space includes bus cleaning stations, fueling stations, three washing stations, and a storage station. It also consists of a plant maintenance department, training rooms and offices, a dispatch area, a workshop, outdoor patio, and a small garage space to service vehicles used to maintain properties throughout the district. This project was completed in November 2005. This is the second bus garage reconstruction project that PCS has been involved with for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA). The Hayden Bus Garage Reconstruction project (East Cleveland, OH) was completed in July 1998.

Project Details

Cleveland, Ohio

Construction Cost:
$25.7 Million

Square Footage:
228,637 sf

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